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MTSCO - Make Different. Since 2006

Mtsco is a professional supplier of steel wire with 17 years of experience, complete production technology, and extensive management experience. Mtsco is dedicated to specializing in spring steel wire, nickel alloy wire, welding wire, and shaped wire. In addition, we can supply electro-polishing quality wire, mesh wire, annealed wire, cold heading wire, locking wire, etc. The main materials are nickel alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. Our products are widely used in the automotive and machinery fields, petrochemical, pipeline, valve, pressure vessel, power plant, chemical equipment field, nuclear power field, communication and electronic machinery field, etc.

Factory advantages

· We have 7 advanced electric furnace production lines, and the rolling is up and down synchronization

· 20000 tons annual capacity, wire OD range is 0.15-16mm, and covers the most materials

· Raw materials come from well-known factories with guaranteed quality

· The staff are skilled in operation, adjust the mold and pull line once, and the yield is high

· Strict quality inspection, four quality inspections from online to offline

· Strict compliance with international standards such as ASTM, DIN, GTB, JIS, JSG, etc. We can also customize shaped and non-standard wires according to customer requirements.



Mtsco CEO has over 25 years of experience in the stainless steel industry and 17 years in steel wire production. Through the accumulation of more than ten years, Mtsco has achieved the industry leading level in dimensional control, surface treatment, and quick delivery.

Complete Grades

Mtsco Wire can provide more than 50 kinds of stainless steel materials, but also more than 10 kinds of carbon steel and alloy steel. This is a one-stop solution for our customers' needs in different materials. This is something that many other wire manufacturers cannot do.

Custom Services

Whether you need flat, round or special shaped steel wires, Mtsco can provide customized solutions based on rich manufacturing experience.

What Materials Can We Provide?


ASTM A580/ A229/ A230/ A401/ A877, JIS G4309, EN10270-2/ 10088-3, DIN17223-2, JSG3560/3561, etc.


201, 201Cu, 202, 202M, 302, 3021A, 303, 303C, 303C1, 303F, 303FA, 304, 304M, 304MD, 304MA, 304MN, 304CU, 304H, 304H1, 304HD, 304HC, XM7(302HQ), 304J3D, 304J3D, 304/304L, 304LA, 304N, 304N1E, 304S, 304CS, 304E, 305, 314, 301S, 316, 316(ROPE), 316C, 316LA, 316LJ, 316N, 316F, 316LF, 316TI, 316UL, 316/316L, 317, 317L, 321, SUH660, etc.


430, 409Nb, etc.

Carbon Steel::

UNS 1566, 9260, 6150, 1070, 1035, 1045,1018, 1020, 1022, 1023, SAE9254, 55SiCrA, SWRH72A, SWRH72B, SCM435, SCM432.

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