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ASTMA877 FDCrV Shaped Oil Quenched-tempered Steel Wire

ASTMA877 FDCrV Shaped Oil Quenched-tempered Steel Wire

In order to produce high-precision parts, shaped wire is absolutely the best choice. Shaped wire has experienced a long evolution, it is not limited to a single shape.

ASTMA877 FDCrV Shaped Oil Quenched-tempered Steel Wire

Product name:  Oil Quenched-tempered Steel Wire   

Material: 65Mn, 70#, 72A, 72B, 55SiCr, 50CrVA, 60Si2MnA, 65Si2CrV, SAE9254, etc.  

Use: Clutch spring, suspension spring, valve spring, etc.  

Standard: GTB/18983-2017,EN10270-2,DIN17223-2, ASTMA229/A230/A401/A877, JSG3560/3561, etc.  

Diameter: φ1.8mm -φ16mm  

Cross section: Special-shaped steel bars with circular and various non-circular sections

Oil Quenching - tempering: A wire that is drawn to the finished size and quenched and tempered in a continuous furnace. The unwound wire is first heated to full austenitizing temperature in a continuous furnace and then quenched by oil bath Martensite, and then through the continuous furnace tempering, to obtain the expected strength and toughness. Oil quenching - tempering steel wire straightness is good, the uniformity of mechanical properties, made of components or components only after low temperature stress treatment that can be used directly.

GradesCSiMnCrVPSOther elementsStandard
50CrVA (FDCrV-A,TDCrV-A)0.47~0.550.10~0.400.60~1.200.80~~1.100.15~0.20≤0.030≤0.030Cu≤0.20GB/T18983
67CrVA (FDCrV-B,TDCrV-B)0.62~0.720.15~0.300.50~0.900.40~0.600.15~0.25≤0.030≤0.030Cu≤0.20GB/T18983


Production Process for Oil Quenched-tempered Spring Steel Wire:

Heating→ Oil quenching→ Tempering→ Hydrocooling→ Coating Anti-rust Oil→ Packing

Quality Control for Steel Wire

Raw Materials: MTC checking(PMI), Tensile strength test, Surface/Dimension inspection

Prodcution: Specially assigned person shall follow up and check according to the process flow card, and finally keep the copy

Before shipment: Mechanical properties test, Surface/Dimension inspection, or according to customers’ requirement

MTSCO is a professional supplier of steel wire with complete production technology and rich management experience. We produce spring wire, electrolytic polished wire, fine wire, wire for netting, hose wire, welding wire, cold heading, locking wire, and other products. Our main materials are stainless steel and alloy steel, and the raw materials we use are from the biggest and most well-known steel mills in China, we can supply wire in sizes ranging from 0.15 mm to 16 mm in diameter. Our factory is well-equipped and our products conform to ASTM, DIN, GTB, JIS, JSG, and other international standards. We have experienced foreign trade staff with high-quality service and can produce high-quality products according to customers' requirements.

Quality Control

Production process of stainless steel wire

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