Carbon Steel Spring Wire
Carbon Steel Wire, Carbon Steel Spring Wire

Carbon Steel Spring Wire is a high quality metal wire with excellent elastic and mechanical properties. It provides reliable elasticity and strength and is designed for use in the manufacture of springs of all types. Carbon steel spring wire has good resistance to wear and corrosion and is suitable for applications in a wide range of environmental conditions. Carbon steel spring wire is widely used in automotive, mechanical, electronic and furniture applications.


Carbon steel spring steel wire is a high carbon steel material, made into fine wires by a special treatment process that provides excellent elasticity and high tensile strength. It is manufactured through processes such as heat treatment and cold working, and is capable of retaining its shape and properties under repetitive loads, which makes it an ideal material for the manufacture of springs and other elastic components.


Material Properties:

High Strength and Fatigue Resistance: Carbon steel spring steel wire has excellent tensile strength and fatigue resistance, and is able to maintain stable performance under long-term stress conditions. This makes it ideal for the manufacture of highly loaded springs.

Good Resilience: It has excellent resilience and recovers quickly even after experiencing large deformations. This characteristic makes carbon steel spring wire excellent in applications requiring frequent bending and deformation.

Excellent machinability: Easy to machine and form, it can be used to manufacture a wide variety of complex shapes and sizes of spring products. Its good machinability makes it one of the most common raw materials used in the manufacturing industry.

Economical: Compared to other materials, carbon steel spring steel wire is less costly and has stable and reliable performance, making it more economical in some application scenarios.



Automated machinery: In automated machinery manufacturing, it is used to produce all kinds of mechanical springs, suspension system springs and all kinds of cushioning devices, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of mechanical operation.

Automobile industry: in automobile manufacturing, used in the production of automobile seat springs, suspension system springs, as well as a variety of vehicle buffer devices, etc., to ensure the comfort and driving stability of the car.

Construction Engineering: Carbon steel spring steel wire is used to make steel wire in pre-stressed concrete to enhance the stability and durability of building structures.

Electronic and electrical appliances: In electronic and electrical equipment, carbon steel spring steel wire is used as the elastic element of electronic switches and contactors to ensure the precise operation and long-term stability of the equipment.