Oil Tempered Spring Wire
Oil Tempered Wire, Lead Tempered Spring Wire

Oil Tempered Spring Wire is a specially treated spring wire that has been hardened and oil quenched to improve its strength, elasticity, and corrosion resistance. It is heated at high temperatures and then quenched by a process of rapid cooling through immersion in oil to improve its strength and elasticity. Oil-hardened spring wire is widely used in spring applications in automotive manufacturing, machinery and equipment, electronics, furniture, and other fields. Oil Tempered Spring Wire is usually manufactured following international and industry standards such as ASTM A229 and EN 10270-2 to ensure product quality and consistency.


Oil Tempered Spring Wire is a specially processed spring steel wire with excellent strength, fatigue resistance, and resilience that is commonly used in a variety of industrial applications. Known for its unique physical and chemical properties, this wire is oil hardened to provide greater toughness and durability for applications that require high stress and repeated deformation.


The advantages and features of Oil Tempered Spring Wire mainly include:

High Strength and Fatigue Resistance: Oil Tempered Spring Wire is oil hardened to provide excellent tensile strength and fatigue resistance, and is able to withstand high stresses and prolonged use without loss of elasticity.

Good resilience: This wire has excellent resilience properties, can be bent repeatedly without permanent deformation, maintaining stable elastic properties.

Corrosion resistance: Oil Tempered Spring Wire performs well in harsh environments and has good corrosion resistance, suitable for use in wet or corrosive media.



Automotive: In automotive manufacturing, Oil Tempered Spring Wire is used in engine valve springs and suspension systems to ensure vehicle safety and comfort.

Electronics: In electronics, tiny spring steel wires are used in connectors and switches to provide reliable mechanical connections.

Construction: In the construction industry, spring steel wire is used in prestressed concrete structures, enhancing the durability and stability of buildings.