Stainless Steel Spring Wire

Stainless Steel Spring Wire with Matte / Bright Surface For Automotive

Stainless Steel Spring Wire with Matte / Bright Surface For Automotive

Stainless Steel Spring Wire is a high quality, corrosion resistant spring material. Its excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance provides stability and reliability in harsh environments. Stainless steel spring wire has excellent elasticity and ductility, and can be used to manufacture high-load and high-precision spring components. Widely used in automotive, electronics, medical, and aerospace applications, it provides long-lasting and durable elastic support in a variety of industries. Its weldability and machinability also make it ideal for use in industrial designs.

Stainless Steel Spring Wire with Matte / Bright Surface For Automotive

Mtsco is a professional supplier of steel wire with 17 years of experience, complete production technology, and extensive management experience. Mtsco is dedicated to specializing in spring steel wire, nickel alloy wire, welding wire, and shaped wire. In addition, we can supply electro-polishing quality wire, mesh wire, annealed wire, cold heading wire, locking wire, etc. The main materials are nickel alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. Our products are widely used in the automotive and machinery fields, petrochemical, pipeline, valve, pressure vessel, power plant, chemical equipment field, nuclear power field, communication and electronic machinery field, etc.

MaterialStainless Steel Wire
Grade300series (301, 302, 303, 304, 304L, 304H, 304N, 304ES, 316L, 321,317, 317L...) 130M, 200CU, 201CU, 202, , 410, 420, 430,etc
StandardASTM A580, JIS G4309, EN 10088-3, GB/T4240, etc
Sizeφ0.15mm-φ16mm; or according to customers' requests
SurfaceBright, matte ,downy, electrolysis bright ,cloudy ,plain ,black,etc
ConditionAnnealed and Soft, 1/2 hard, 3/4 hard and full hard
TypeSpring Wire (B-SPR/D-SPR)
PackingWoven bag, core, wooden reel, etc

Steel GradeChemical composition
CSiMnPSNiCrMoOther composition
317L≤0.03≤1.0≤2.0≤0.045≤ 0.03011.0-15.018.0-20.03.0-4.0

Advantages of stainless steel spring wire:

1. Corrosion resistance: it can operate stably for a long period of time in harsh environments such as humidity, acid and alkali.

2. elasticity and ductility: can maintain a high degree of elasticity and resilience under heavy loads.

3. Weldability and processability: Suitable for various welding and processing techniques, easy to manufacture complex shapes and high-precision spring components.

4. High abrasion resistance: maintains long service life and reduces maintenance costs.

5. Stability and reliability: to ensure that the spring in long-term use is not easy to deformation or loss of elasticity.

Application Areas:

1. automotive industry: automotive suspension systems, braking systems and seat adjustment devices, etc., to provide stable elastic support and vibration damping effect, to enhance driving comfort and safety.

2. electronic products: used in keyboards, switches, buttons and other touch control components, to ensure that the frequent use of long time without losing performance.

3. Home furniture: widely used in mattresses, sofas, chairs and other furniture to provide comfortable support and elasticity.

4. medical instruments: used in surgical instruments, medical springs, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of the product.

5. Power industry: not used in power switches, circuit breakers and other power equipment to ensure the normal operation and reliability of the equipment.

Factory advantages:

We have 7 advanced electric furnace production lines, and the rolling is up and down synchronization

20000 tons annual capacity, wire OD range is 0.15-16mm, and covers the most materials
Raw materials come from well-known factories with guaranteed quality
The staff are skilled in operation, adjust the mold and pull line once, and the yield is high
Strict quality inspection, four quality inspections from online to offline
Strict compliance with international standards such as ASTM, DIN, GTB, JIS, JSG, etc. We can also customize shaped and non-standard wires according to customer requirements.

Quality Control:

Raw Materials: MTC checking(PMI), Tensile strength test, Surface/Dimension inspection
Prodcution: Specially assigned person shall follow up and check according to the process flow card, and finally keep the copy
Before shipment: Mechanical properties test, Surface/Dimension inspection, or according to customers’ requirement

Quality control of raw materials:

Slight changes in chemical composition and mechanical properties of raw materials will have a significant impact on the properties of finished steel wire. Therefore, the quality of base bar is one of the key factors to determine the quality of finished steel wire. We will strictly test the raw materials. Only raw materials that pass the test and meet the standards can go to the next process.

Quality Control

Production process of stainless steel wire

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