Wedge Wire
Wedge Wire, Shaped Wire,

Wedge Wire is a special metal screen product whose unique wedge structure and robust design make it excellent for filtration, sieving and separation applications. It consists of a metal wire with a wedge cross-section and longitudinal support rods, forming a stable mesh structure. The design of the wedge wire gives it excellent filtration, screening, and separation properties. Wedge wire is used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas extraction, water treatment, food processing, the chemical industry, mining, and construction. It is used in processes such as solid-liquid separation, solid-gas separation, screening, filtration, and classification, providing efficient and reliable solutions for a variety of industries.


Wedge wire is a specially shaped steel wire with a wedge-shaped cross-section design, usually made of high-strength alloy steel.


Properties of Wedge Wire:

High strength and abrasion resistance: Wedge wire has excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance for high strength applications in a variety of industrial environments.

Elasticity and flexibility: The shape of the design allows the wedge wire to have good elasticity and flexibility to adapt to complex structures and stressful environments.

Corrosion resistance: Depending on the requirements of the application, the wedge wire can be selected with different surface treatments or coatings to improve its corrosion resistance.

Customized design: Wedge wire can be customized and designed to meet diversified industrial needs.


Application areas of wedge wires:

Connecting and supporting: Wedge wires are commonly used in connecting and supporting structures for all types of machinery and equipment. They can be used as reinforcement material to provide additional support and stability.

Sealing and filling: Wedge wires can be used as a sealing material or filler to fill gaps in joints during mechanical installations, ensuring a tight seal and preventing leakage.

Vibration and Shock Absorption: Due to their excellent elasticity and flexibility, wedge wires are often used to absorb vibrations and shocks in machinery and equipment, contributing to a longer service life.

Filtration and protection: In some applications, wedge wires can be used as part of a filter to help remove impurities from the fluid. In addition, wedges can be used to protect equipment from external environmental or chemical agents.

Temperature and Pressure Control: Wedge wire has good resistance and stability in high temperature and high pressure environments, making it suitable for temperature control and pressure regulation applications.

Industrial manufacturing and construction: Wedge wires are widely used in industrial manufacturing and construction applications such as mechanical drive systems, spring elements, structural supports, etc.

Automotive and Transportation: Wedge wire is used as an important component of springs and suspension systems in the manufacture of automobiles and other vehicles.